Scientific archives

The digitization service at CREDO

Working closely with the archiving platform ODSAS (see below), CREDO has a scanning service under the responsibility of Caroline Cavallasca. This service is responsible for preparing and scanning documents for archiving. It proceeds in 9 steps:

  1. Classification and inventory of documents to be scanned
  2. Quality control of scanned files.
  3. Archiving of high resolution images
  4. Conversion of high resolution files into JPEG for online consultation.
  5. Creation of collections and sets in the database and uploading files to server.
  6. Entering of metadata.
  7. Return originals to owner and delivery of scanned files.
  8. Enrichment of metadata by the researcher or the owner of the collection.


ODSAS: a platform for scientific archiving

ODSAS is a platform for storing, customized handling and multilayer individual or collective annotation of digitized archival resources. This platform is based on the needs of the social and human sciences and is specialized in Oceania and Asia. ODSAS was created by, and is under the responsability of Laurent Dousset.

In 2017, ODSAS hosts more than 76 collections and nearly 357 000 files. Among them, the archives of Maurice Godelier, Allison Jablonko, Karel Kupka, Pierre Lemonnier, Anick Coudart ...

ODSAS also hosts sub-platforms: