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CREDO is a pluri-disciplinary centre for research and documentation specialized in Pacific Studies, in particular in anthropology, archaeology, history, ethnolinguistics and ethnomusicology.

Members of CREDO are staff of three institutions: the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) and AMU (Aix-Marseille University). 

CREDO staff teach and enrol students at all levels at the EHESS and at Aix-Marseille University.


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Focus: Fariba Adelkhah is in danger

FreeFaribaFariba Adelkhah, a researcher at the International Research Centre of Sciences Po Paris, has been in prison since the beginning of June 2019 detained by the Islamic Republic of IranBy posting her face on the websites of France's academic institutions and research teams, we want to show the support of the scientific community and urge the government to do everything possible to secure her release More information


The CREDO Seminar series: "Actualité de la recherche en Océanie"

The seminar takes place on Friday from 10 to 12:30 by videoconference (given the health context)
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Scientific publications

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Volume 30, 2020 Anthropological forum 
"Naturalising disaster in the Pacific"
 guest edited by Chris Ballard, Maëlle Calandra and Siobhan McDonnell
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Isabelle Merle
"Expériences coloniales
La Nouvelle-Calédonie (1853-1920)"
More information: Editions AnacharsisOuvrage I Merle BotanyBay copie

"Expédition à Botany Bay
La fondation de l'Australie coloniale"
Watkin Tench
More information: Editions Anacharsis
New edition
Translated from the English by Frédéric Cotton
Introduction and notes by Isabelle Merle

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ODSAS (Online Digital Sources and Annotation System) , the platform developped by the Credo (Laurent Dousset) contains now more than 200 000 files and 60 collections


Ongoing projects

Deep Histories of Sahul (DHOS): Socio-cultural diversification in Melanesia and Australia
With assistance from DRI CNRS and the Australian National University
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Waves of Words
Funding: ARC (2018-2021)LogoARCLaurent Dousset and australian colleagues (University of Western Sydney and ANU) 


pacstudiespacific-studies.net : a result of the ECOPAS programme, this plateform is a harvester of ressources and expertise on the Pacific


Corail logoLabex Corail (Laboratory of Excellence) for "Coral reefs in the face of global change" (CORAIL) has been set up in order to improve research into coral reefs


e toile

e-Toile Pacifique (Network of francophone Pacific Studies)


LogoARCAustKin: database and mapping of Australian kinship and social organisation. Co-funded by the Australian Research Council; in collaboration with ANU


ODSAS: Online Digital Sources and Annotation Systems is an archival platform developped by the center for storing and manipulating reserach documents

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