Pascale Bonnemère

Status: Director of Research, CNRS (HDR)

: Head of CREDO
Vice-president of Société des Océanistes

Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel : 33(0)4 13 55 07 30 / 32

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  • 1989-97 : GDR 116 - ITSO (“Identités et transformations
    des sociétés océaniennes”)
  • since 1995: UMR 7308 [formerly 6574]- CREDO
  • since 1987: Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical research
  • 2002-2011: National Film Institute

Research topics 

Papua New Guinea (Ankave ; Anga groups)

Life-cycle rituals
Gender and representations of the person
Male initiations
Food taboos
Knowledge acquisition and transmission

2009-2011 : Member of the ANR-funded project A Mysticism for All. Conception of the Individual and the Conditions of Evangelical Protestantism Emergence: Europe, Maghreb, Arctic, Oceania (coordination: Ch. Pons, CNRS, IDEMEC, Aix-en-Provence)


  • 1992-94: Lecturer at the St-Antoine Hospital, Paris
  • 2000-06: Lecturer at Université de Provence
  • Paysage1995-2006: co-organiser of the seminar “Histoire et anthropologie de l’Océanie” (EHESS, Marseilles).
  • 2002-2011: co-organiser of the “La dimension sexuée de la vie sociale : pour une anthropologie comparative (ethnologie, sociologie, histoire)” seminar (EHESS, Marseilles).
  • 2004-2015: co-organiser of the "Histoire et Épistémologie de la distinction de sexe” Master course (EHESS, Marseilles).
  • 2014: co-organiser of the "La distinction de sexe et la notion de nature” Master course (EHESS, Marseilles).

Administration and research and teaching responsibilities

Opingone taro

  • At the initiative (2000) and responsible (2000-06) of the l’U.E. “Sociétés de l’aire Asie-Pacifique” at Université de Provence (DEUG level, having become L1/L2 in 2004-05).
  • 1996-1997: Setting and co-gestion (with A. Provansal, then CREDO manager) of the Centre de Documentation associated with CREDO (Pacific collection of the Maison Asie-Pacifique)
  • since 2005: Member of the APRAS (Association pour la recherche en anthropologie sociale) Administration Committee
  • since 2007: Member of the Société des Océanistes Administration Committee
  • since 2008: Member of the CREDO Ethical Committee
  • since 2009: Member of the pacific-credo Publications Editorial Committee
  • since 2010: Vice-president of the Société des Océanistes
  • 2011-2012: Member of the "Anthropologie et étude comparative des sociétés contemporaines" Committee of the CNRS Comité National– 2012-mid 2014: Head of the UMS Maison Asie-Pacifique
  • Since July 1st, 2014: Head of CREDO


Master in Archaeology (Univ. Paris I, 1983)
DEA in Archaeology (Univ. Paris I, 1984)
DEA in Social Anthropology (EHESS, 1987)
PhD Grant from Ministère de la recherche (Oct. 1987- sept. 1990)
Grant from Fondation Fyssen (1992-93)
PhD in Social Anthropology (EHESS 1993; dir. M. Godelier)
HDR ("Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches"), EPHE 2011