12th ESfO Conference (European Society for Oceanists) Cambridge, 7 - 10 décembre 2018

12th ESfO Conference
‘Dealing with Inequality: Pacific perspectives, Pacific futures’

Pascale Bonnemère présente une communication :
« Health services in the Suowi Valley (1987-2018): From patrols by Lutheran services to the building of a clinic. »
Session "Inequalities in Health: Pacific Perspectives"

Sébastien Galliot co-organise la session "Transnational rituals and religious practices from a material perspective"

Pierre Lemonnier présente une communication : 
"Differenciation without stratification. Status and political contexts among the Anga of Papua New Guinea"
Session "Coming to terms with inequality, hierarchy and precedence in Oceania" 

Marc Tabani et Lorenzo Brutti co-organisent la session : "New forms of conversion dealing with inequality"
et présentent une communication
Marc Tabani :
"Islam as kastom in Tanna (Vanuatu)"
Lorenzo Brutti :
"On the use of the image in religious proselytism: christianity and islam, two comparative practices"

Serge Tcherkézoff co-organise la session "Coming to terms with inequality, hierarchy and precedence in Oceania"
et présente une communication :
"A bus ride in Samoa in the 1980s, while reading Louis Dumont: hierarchy, stratification and individualism"

Membres associés :

Marie Durand présente une communication :
"« Man paoa airport »: dealing with remoteness, building an airfield on Mere Lava, Vanuatu"

Elodie Fache co-organise la session intitulée "Higher Powers: Negotiating Climate Change, Religion and Spirituality in Oceania"
et présente une communication :
"The end of the age? Entanglement of religion and climate change in Fiji, from local discourses to COP23 and back"

Alice Servyco-organise la session "Inequalities in Health: Pacific Perspectives"
et présente une communication :
"Spatial disparities in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in Vanuatu"