A Life Committed to Papua New Guinea

Pascale Bonnemère —

A life committed to Papua New Guinea. Conversations with Christopher Owen, filmmaker —

Berlin: Galda-Verlag (New Guinea communications Series), 352 pages, 62 photos couleur.
Prix : 77 € (version imprimée) ; 29,90 € en format numérique (pdf)

Owen 2022

The 23 March 2018 issue of the Weekend Courier (PNG) pays tribute to Chris Owen in the following terms: “I do not know of one other culture whose children will inherit a film heritage such as the one Chris Owen has given to the people of Papua New Guinea.”

Pascale Bonnemère has transcribed a series of long conversations she had with Chris Owen, between 2013 and 2017, which paint a vivid picture of the life and work of this dedicated author of the most famous films on the country (e.g. The Red Bowmen, Man without Pigs, Tukana and Bridewealth for a Goddess). Completed by contextual information and photographs from his archives, the present volume constitutes a valuable testimony on a key period in the history of Papua New Guinea as experienced by a committed left-wing expatriate who spent almost 40 years of his life there and became a child of the country.

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