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CREDO is a pluri-disciplinary centre for research and documentation specialized in Pacific Studies, in particular in anthropology, archaeology, history, ethnolinguistics and ethnomusicology.

Members of CREDO are staff of three institutions: the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) and AMU (Aix-Marseille University). 

CREDO staff teach and enrol students at all levels at the EHESS and at Aix-Marseille University.


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Focus on particular CREDO research projects, with news, developments and updates

James Leach
Toolkit to Facilitate the Collaborative Documentation and Revaluation of Bio-Cultural Knowledge in Papua New Guinea

The project was initially to develop a ‘toolkit’ that people in rural areas in Papua New Guinea can use to document their traditional and ecological knowledge. The toolkit is now available online.

The toolkit has been used by Reite people to begin to document their traditional knowledge and the first booklets that that made have been put online in an ‘online library’. Reite online library

There is also the start of an online library for a community called Tokain from the north coast of Madang Province.
Tokain online library

 An ongoing report and documentation on the project and the activities is available.

And earlier this year, James Leach began investigating how the toolkit would be of use to people working at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre.
There is a report on this here
In August, he will go back to Vanuatu with three people from Reite village in PNG to further share the process of documentation with Vanuatu people.

After this, Porer Nombo and James Leach will travel to Hawaii to contribute to the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

Ongoing projects

ecopaslogo smallEuropean Consortium for Pacific Studies (ECOPAS) is a multidisciplinary project designed to provide coordination and support to research on the Pacific region, in particular on climate change and related issues and processes. Funder: European Union.

pacstudiespacific-studies.net : a result of the ECOPAS programme, this plateform is a harvester of ressources and expertise on the Pacific.

Corail logoLabex Corail (Laboratory of Excellence) for "Coral reefs in the face of global change" (CORAIL) has been set up in order to improve research into coral reefs.


e toile

e-Toile Pacifique (Network of francophone Pacific Studies)

ChristensenFundLogoToolkit to Facilitate the Collaborative Documentation and Revaluation of Bio-Cultural Knowledge in Papua New Guinea
Funders: The Christensen Fund (US)

LogoARCAustKin: database and mapping of Australian kinship and social organisation. Co-funded by the Australian Research Council; in collaboration with ANU.

ODSAS: Online Digital Sources and Annotation Systems is an archival platform developped by the center for storing and manipulating reserach documents